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The Government of Lao PDR and the World Bank are working together for the implementation of the World Bank financed Lao PDR Reducing Rural Poverty and Malnutrition Project, the objective of which is to increase the utilization of nutrition services and improve key nutrition behaviors that are known to reduce childhood stunting in poor, rural areas. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) will implement the Project. The newly formed Department of Rural Development (DRD) within MAF has been designated by MAF as the counterpart for the Project.

The project will support the implementation of a nutrition-sensitive cash transfer program to address poverty and malnutrition in 12 districts in four northern provinces: Oudomxay, Phongsaly, Xiengkhuang, and Houaphan.

It will provide a complementary package of incentives (cash transfers) aligned with social and behavior change communication (SBCC) to households in poor, rural areas, complementing other nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive sector investments.

The project will comprise the implementation of a nutrition-sensitive social assistance program to address poverty and malnutrition, and key mechanisms to ensure the overall effective implementation of a multi-sectoral nutrition convergence approach.

 In this regard, the integrated MIS will be built as having the basic building blocks of the social protection system, namely the targeting system for the social programs and the social registry, It will be important to inform policy-makers about gaps in program offerings and to report on overlaps of coverage in plans. This includes assisting in developing systems for targeting households and creating a social registry. The social registry will provide a 'portal' (MIS) for easier identification of beneficiaries for targeted social programs. Specifically, the social registry, which ranks households by applying eligibility criteria to determine the household's eligibility for the conditional remittance program (CCT), includes follow-up for families with pregnant women and infants 0–2 months of age (that is, the first 1,000 days) to improve dietary diversity, and increase use of nutrition services essential health and nutrition, while encouraging health and nutritional practices to be applied through existing SBCC activities targeting households in poor rural areas.

Conditional cash transfers (CCTs), programs that transfer money to poor families conditional upon specific education and health behaviors have been increasingly used, particularly in many countries, as a tool to reduce poverty and promote investments in human capital. Evidence shows that CCTs, aligned with their conditions, increased school enrollment and attendance. While these impacts are expected to serve as inputs to more human capital accumulation.

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to improve coverage of essential maternal and child health services and improve mother and child caring practices among pregnant and lactating women and children less than two years old in the seven southern and central provinces. (Document of The World Bank, Report No: 68636 -LA, LAO PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC COMMUNITY NUTRITION PROJECT (TF095274) July 1 8, 2012)

In this regard, the Project will also serve as a vehicle to initiate and pilot the building blocks of a robust social protection delivery system – an integrated MIS that could potentially have a wider relevance for Lao PDR over the medium to longer term. The integrated MIS will include mechanisms for maintain a comprehensive database of household information collection and registration, beneficiary selection, payments, conditionality, grievance, monitoring and reporting etc.

Although, for now, the system shall be developed specifically for this project, its underlying design architecture and overall design framework will be developed in a manner that is scalable, secure and robust enough to enable the Government to use the system as a unified MIS platform for expanding the program to cover nation-wide and include new programs of similar objectives.

Therefore, the project was awarded to APIS Co. Ltd and JB Technology .JSC, for the design and development of MIS.

The project ensures that the appropriate and creative, feasible, appropriate use of ICT is applied to ensure efficient recordkeeping through standardized information management, transparent reporting, and distribution. money transfers to targeted beneficiaries using innovative ICT solutions.

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